Imagine Bathing in Comfort and Safety while Leaving your Aches and Pains Behind

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  • The COMPACT Bath
  • The COMPACT Bath



The Windsor ‘Compact’ is the smallest model in our range.

This slide-in bathtub is perfect for those needing a model that will fit into an existing shower or a smaller bathroom. Commonly used in showers.

Despite its compact size, it is deceptively large inside. Note that this model does not have the same depth of water when full as our other models.

Dimensions (L/W/H):

37.4″ x 27.5″ x37.4″ (950mm long x 700mm wide x 950mm high)

Color: White

Product Features:

Fits in smaller spaces and shower areas; deceptively large inside
Low water usage
Easy opening, non leak door
Fast draining Hepflex drainage, fast-fill tap set
Stainless steel frame
Made of marine-grade gel-coat fibreglass
Moulded seat and back with seat and head cushions.

The fibreglass bodies of these baths are made for us by the same people who supply the biggest vendor of walk-in baths in the USA. Others may look the same, but a closer look will show the inherent quality in all Windsor walk-in baths.


Hydrotherapy air-spa system from CG Air in Canada. This is not a pool spa, but a specialist hydrotherapy system from one of the worlds leading suppliers. Purpose designed to alleviate pain symptoms from rheumatism, arthritis and other similar painful conditions. System purges itself between uses to help prevent cross infection.


CLICK HERE for comprehensive information about the Canadian hydrotherapy spa system.

CLICK HERE for printable pages about the ‘COMPACT’ Bath.

The differences between these baths and other similiar looking baths World best fast fill taps from the UK. Standard taps take much longer to fill your bath. A 50mm drain via a Hepflex pipe for fast draining.A standard ribbed 30-40mm drain hose keeps you waiting longer before you can get out. Enclosed on 3 sides A real hydrotherapy air-spa option, not a pool spa. Comes complete with fast fill tap set and all drainage fittings. This will reduce you installation cost. Comes with removable seat and head cushions Australian Standards Compliant fittings

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Imagine Bathing in Comfort and Safety while Leaving your Aches and Pains Behind