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Can you recall the pleasure of laying in a conventional lay-in bath at the end of a busy day? Sadly, lay-in baths are one of those things that must be left behind as we get older and stiffer.

Years ago we used to sell lay-in baths with doors, but discontinued them after clients got “stuck” in them i.e. unable to rise and get out of the bath. One client wasn’t found until 6 hours later and had to be embarrassingly rescued by her neighbour after he heard her calls for help. Because of this, we stopped selling this type of bath years ago.

We have found that if you need a door to simply get into a bath [the easy part], you are a prime candidate for getting “stuck”and unable to rise and get out of your bath [a much harder task].

We have tried lay-in baths with power belts, lay-in baths with seats,lay-in baths with lift-seats, lay-in baths with doors but they are all too dangerous, even for those with only moderate disabilities.

At best, they will provide a solutions for only a short period.

From a commercial point of view we could successfully and profitably sell this type of bath. There will always be a market for lay-in baths with doors amongst those dreaming of the past and those in age denial.

From an ethical point of view we cannot do this. The best outcome is that you will have a useless ornament after a couple of years, and still have no bath.

The more likely outcome could be a fall that would change your life disastrously forever.

This is why these types of baths are not permitted in any aged/disabled placements.

Are you willing to risk future calamity to yourself, your parents, your partner or your clients for such a minor gain?


Is the risk worth it?

Below are some articles and a survey by the BRITISH MEDICAL JOURNAL highlighting the dangers of lay-in baths

“Survey of Elderly People Who Get Stuck in the Bath”

Many apparently healthy old people are unable to bath without help and some are not able to bath as often as they would like. We met several elderly people who had become stuck in the bath, and we decided to investigate. Most people had had difficulty getting up out of the bath after completing their bathing; one had slipped and fallen and four had lain down in the bath and then been unable to get up.

Every patient had vivid memories of the event. Nine described it as a terrible experience; six others admitted to panicking. Three remembered banging on a wall to attract attention. All had changed their bathing activities since the event. Five had abandoned having a bath and now had a strip wash; four had baths at day centres.

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Elderly Woman Stuck in Bathtub for Day – January 2013

On New Year’s Day at 2:46 p.m., a caller requested police check on the welfare of her friend residing in a Carrollwood Drive condominium.

Officers reported they had to break through a window in the rear of the unit with minimal damage done. They then came upon the 71-year-old tenant who said she had been stuck in her bathtub for over 24 hours.


Man Stuck in Bathtub Is Rescued After 6 Days

Colo. – A man who slipped and fell in his bathtub was trapped there for six days before he was rescued by a driver who arrived at the house for a scheduled trip.


Woman Is Stuck in Bathtub for 4 Days

Firefighters have rescued an 81-year-old pensioner who spent four days stuck in her bathtub. The woman says she got into it for a warm bath and found that she couldn’t muster enough strength to get herself back out.

She apparently told her rescuers that she lacked enough strength to get herself back out of the tub and that she had been knocking on the wall and shouting for help.

The woman was taken to hospital and treated for exposure.

She apparently told her rescuers that she lacked enough strength to get herself back out of the tub and that she had been knocking on the wall and shouting for help.

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Imagine Bathing in Comfort and Safety while Leaving your Aches and Pains Behind