Windsor Walk-In Baths Australia.

Imagine Bathing in Comfort and Safety while Leaving your Aches and Pains Behind

Adding a REAL Hydrotherapy Spa To Your WINDSOR Walk-In Bath

Would you like to relieve the pain from arthritis, rheumatism and body aches? Here’s how.



By adding the optional hydrotherapy spa system to your WINDSOR bath, you will have your own, in-house, ache reduction centre.

Don’t let the neighbours know, you may not be able to get rid of them


This is not a pool spa as provided by others , but a specialist hydrotherapy system from one of the worlds leading suppliers. Purpose designed to alleviate pain symptoms from rheumatism, arthritis and other similar painful conditions.

David D. of Doncaster East VIC sent us this note,

 “Just a short note to let you know the bath has been installed for about a week and my wife loves it. Very hard to convince her that she does not need two baths a day. Again thanks for all your assistance and overall I am very happy with the product (and so is my aching back)”.


Major Regions Where we Offer our Pain-free Hydrotherapy Air-Spa Installed Bathtubs?


The air distributors, as well as the security mechanisms are critical and essential components in all massage systems. The safety mechanisms in your massage system are elements that can not be ignored. They ensure that the water will not come into contact with electricity.
An added feature is auto-stopping of the motor after 20 minutes continuous operation. This prevents the system from being accidentally left on indefinitely [e.g.when going on holidays]. To restart, simply press the start button.


Automatic System Purging Between Uses

Twenty minutes after you leave your WINDSOR bath, the system automatically purges itself to prevent passing any bacteria [e.g. from a skin infection] back to yourself or another user.


Spring valves

This check-valve has the advantage of functioning in every position. The air pressure opens the jet by pushing on the stainless steel spring. Once the pressure is released the spring immediately returns to its initial position rendering the jet watertight to maintain a perfect hygiene level at all times.


Motor Quality

A motor specially designed and engineered for air blowers. Already tested and approved, it has been on the market since 1998. Thermally protected. Specially designed for quieter performance. All motors are equipped with high quality exclusive long life brushes: – Tested for over 1500 consecutive hours.

 – That is more than three times the life expectancy of a standard motor.



 Shown with clear case for illustration




Air Heater

This innovative high quality ceramic air heater was created with a unique design that optimizes the heat exchange through the small openings for a better heat distribution through your system. The air heater temperature is always calibrated with the selected speed of the blower. When the blower is at 80% of its speed, the heating will function proportionally for the best effect.



The silver blower muffler combined with a special sound damping foam significantly reduces the sound of the motor. This specially designed muffler is integrated within the blower to reduce the over all size of the casing. The muffler has a new design deflector for better air intake.


Completely Variable Speed

From a low power relaxing massage to a much invigorating massage created through a high power air flow, the integrated control is completely variable so that the user can choose exactly what he needs.



We use ONLY heated air spas, as water spas can be harmful to delicate or aging skin, and are not suitable. The benefits of the air massage are undeniable, but how does it work? The mechanism of the air massage system is truly simple. An air blower pushes air towards a distributor, which will direct the air through multiple jets strategically installed within the bathtub. For additional comfort, the air is pre-warmed to body temperature through a heating element that is integrated within the blower.


You don’t need water in the bath to use it. Many people turn it on 5 minutes before getting into the bath to gently warm the bath inside. The air massage relaxes your muscles while stimulating the production of natural analgesic hormone known as endorphins. The use of an air massage system produces an effect of well-being throughout your whole body. The variable speed makes it completely adaptable to the users needs whether soft and caressing or more vigorous. Making this even more interesting is the “wave” effect where the speed alternates between strong and soft to create a very efficient lymphatic massage.


The jets used in our hydrotherapy spa systems.
Note that there are 6 outlets on the RIM of each of the 16 jets, allowing us to get the pressure needed for a true hydrotherapy application without the 'drilling' effect of a normal pool spa.