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Frequently Asked Questions About Windsor Walk-In Bathtubs

Do the baths leak?

This used to be a problem with outward opening doors. Steel locking rods that go from the bath door rim into the door frame when the locking handle is used has fixed this problem.

Do you have lay ‐ in type baths?

NO. These are no suitable for those with any degree of mobility impairment. Have a look at this article by the British Medical Journal that will demonstrate the hazards of lay ‐ in baths for the mobility impaired ‐

Can you use walk ‐ in baths as a bath and shower base combined?

YES. Most of our baths are installed into existing showers. They can then be used as a shower base using the existing shower head AND used as a bath. Most people replace the shower head [where the water comes out] with a removable shower head on a flexible hose on a slide bar, to allow hair washing in the bath.

Is installation complicated?

Installation into an existing shower is usually straight forward. Replacing an existing bath can be more complicated as it may involve tiling.

Can any plumber install a walk ‐ in bath?

YES. Like any other bath our baths need access to hot and cold water. If there is an existing drain hole under the walk ‐ in bath, it can be connected using the flexi ‐ hose drain kit that comes with the bath. This avoids costly floor alterations. If the spa version is used, the plumber arranges for a waterproof power ‐ point to be installed behind the bath. If preferred, we have APPROVED INSTALLERS in most capital cities who are experienced with out baths.

What are the main differences between a pool ‐ spa and a true hydrotherapy spa?

Pool spas have single point jets and to deliver the pressure necessary to have a hydrotherapy effect cause bruising. The Canadian hydro system used has 6 outlets on the RIM of each of the 16 jets, allowing higher pressure which spreads in a flower pattern. Also has variable speed/pulse options and it auto self ‐ purges between uses [to prevent infections being passed on the next time the system is used]. Can be used with Radox, aromatic oils etc. safely, without gumming up system.

What warranty applies?

Windsor walk ‐ in baths [except the Designer model] come with a 3 year warranty including parts and labour on –site [on ‐ site labour applicable only to baths located in Australia – international warranty restricted to parts supply only]. In remote areas we appoint a local tradesperson to do warranty work on our behalf.

What is the most commonly used model?

The Windsor ACCESS model is Australias’ highest selling walk ‐ in bath as it fits the majority of aged and disability needs. It is, by far, the model most commonly recommended by Occupational Therapist [the people who recommend solutions for the aged and/or disabled]. The COMPACT model is used for shorter/smaller people and those requiring a restricted and safely confined situation, it is also used in smaller spaces. The INDEPENDENT model is used for larger people and those with stiff leg/knee issues. Over 90% of baths supplied include the hydro spa option.

How do I get the bath to my house?

Our deliveries are by a major carrier using a tail ‐ lift vehicle. The tail ‐ lift part means the driver can deliver unassisted into your garage, ready for the plumber to take over. Deliveries are Australia wide.

How do I buy a bath?

[1] When you have decided on the best model for you, measure the width of the doors that the bath will go through to get into the bathroom to make sure it can go through. For example, the ACCESS model is 720mm wide, make sure the doors are this width and the bath can get around the corner into the bathroom [if the door width is a bit undersize, call us, we have ways of getting through].

[2] Check the area where the bath is going, to make sure it will fit, watch that you have enough room for the outward opening door to swing [don’t forget, the door can be on either side of the bath]. If there is an existing floor drain under the footprint of the new bath it makes installation much easier.

[3] If you’re comfortable with your measuring, you can order using the online order form, or you can print an order form from our website and email/post or fax it to us. If you have ANY questions, ring us on 1800 983 996 and we will go through a check list with you, to make sure all is OK – we guarantee no pushy sales people, only genuine assistance. We usually have all models in stock.

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Imagine Bathing in Comfort and Safety while Leaving your Aches and Pains Behind