Imagine Bathing in Comfort and Safety while Leaving your Aches and Pains Behind

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Windsor baths are of the highest quality.

A Better Way for Disability & Care Organisations



We provide our walk-in baths to disability and care organisations & government bodies Australia wide.

A combination of providing a safe, caring hydrotherapy bathing option for your clients, plus less strain and injury for your carers, make these types of baths something you must consider.

In both private homes and shared disability environments, this type of bath makes a total difference to bathing time.

Our baths are commonly installed into existing showers to be used as a combination shower base AND bath combined.

This makes the installation easier and involves no floor damage as the drainage is via a supplied flexi-hose into the existing drain.

Ideal for group homes and to reduce injury and strain on your carers and staff.

Commercial grade robustness ensure trouble free usage.

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See how little it costs to make a big difference.


When constructing a new site, or renovating an existing site where you are using walk-in baths, the following is recommended to allow maximum versatility.

[1] Tile and plumb the shower area as normal with the exception of including hot and cold outlets 30cm from the floor which are capped with chrome stops. If the hydrotherapy versions may be used, also include a tied off power cable outlet about 30cm from the floor, covered with a chrome cap. This allows for the cubicle to be used as a normal shower but with the capability of including a walk-in bath simply if required.

[2] If the client wants a walk-in bath included [and later removed] it can be done simply by removing the shower glass screens, connecting stop cocks and flexi-hoses to the capped hot and cold outlets, running the provided Hepflex drain into the existing shower floor waste and silicon sealing and securing the bath to the wall. If the hydrotherapy model is used, the capped off power cable has a waterproof power-point connected, and the standard 3 pin plug from the bath is inserted.

[3] The existing shower head is replaced with a removable, sliding shower head on a grab bar [if not already already used] and a glass shower screen can be attached to the top of the bath or hinged on the wall.

[4] If the bath is required to be removed at a later date, the cubicle can be easily returned to its original state as a normal shower.


WINDSOR BATHS have been approved as a registered provider of supports for the class of support, Assistive Products for Personal Care and Safety with DisabilityCare Australia. DisabilityCare Australia is an independent statutory agency, whose role is to implement the DisabilityCare scheme

National Disability Insurance Scheme [NDIS]. Our DisabilityCare Australia Provider Registration Number is 68420686


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Imagine Bathing in Comfort and Safety while Leaving your Aches and Pains Behind