Imagine Bathing in Comfort and Safety while Leaving your Aches and Pains Behind

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Windsor baths are of the highest quality.

About Windsor Walk-In Baths


WINDSOR Baths are manufacturers of high quality walk-in baths, to help you bathe safely and in comfort if you are having difficulties using a normal bath.

This type of bath allows you to walk into your bath and sit down, allowing you to bathe with dignity and in comfort and safety.

If you have mobility problems, this type of bath will allow you to remain independent at home for many years and to significantly reduce the risk of injury from slips and falls.



These baths are commonly used as a shower base/bath combination to allow safe bathing AND showering. They are commonly installed into existing showers.

Bathroom falls are one of the major causes of permanent injuries in seniors.

To the best of our knowledge, we are the ONLY vendors of walk-in baths in Australia, who don’t sell boxed goods direct from China. We are the only vendors to sell non-Chinese spa systems [ours are from Canada], we are the only vendors to install the spa systems in Australia, we are the only vendors who have non-Chinese taps [ours are from the UK] ; we have the worlds best components, assembled and installed in Australia, to give the best possible long-term reliability and functionality. Have a look at our “CARE ORGANISATION ” page, and see how many major players in the disability and aged arena use our baths.

We have the most experience with walk-in baths in Australia, which reflects in the superior design, best value and high quality. Having the best quality does not mean higher prices, a higher volume of sales equals lower prices.

Buying a Windsor walk-in bath gives you the security of knowing you have bought a world class product that complies with Australian Standards.


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The Differences

  • With a walk-in and sit-down bath with a door, the speed of filling the bath becomes critical. WINDSOR baths have quality worlds best superfast-fill taps of the highest quality from the UK, to ensure a quick fill time.They are also quarter turn taps with ceramic discs. Cheap imports have cheap taps that can take up to 20 minutes to fill the bath.
  • When you have finished your bath, you want it to drain as quickly as possible. WINDSOR baths use a traditional plug on a chain, because it allows the water to run out quicker than any other method.Combined with the Hepflex drainage system your bath drains quickly. Non-compliant imports have water restricting pop-up plugs and narrow small bore drain hoses that can leave you waiting for 20 minutes while they drain [remember, you can’t open the door until the bath has drained].
  • WINDSOR baths have head and seat cushions for your comfort.
  • WINDSOR baths have a stainless steel support frame with heavy duty steel support legs. Even a heavy person won’t flex the bath and jam the door shut while they are in their bath.
  • WINDSOR baths come complete with superfast-fill tapware, plumbing and a full drainage kit.
  • WINDSOR baths are made of marine grade fibreglass, not acrylic.
  • AUSTRALIAN STANDARDS COMPLIANCE . Some cheap imports have NO Australian Standards Compliance whatsoever. WINDSOR baths are fitted with all Australian sourced plumbing hardware to ensure standards compliance . Compliance is about your safety, be cautious.

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Imagine Bathing in Comfort and Safety while Leaving your Aches and Pains Behind