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Windsor Baths are Australias largest vendor of

walk in baths

Windsor baths are of the highest quality.

We have 4 different models that meet the needs of most people with mobility issues, including 2 wheelchair friendly models and an ultra compact model to fit into existing showers.

Australia’s Number One Supplier of Walk-in Baths. Imagine bathing in comfort and safety again, while leaving your aches and pains behind.


 Windsor Baths provide walk-in baths for those with mobility problems and those setting up their bathrooms for their needs for decades to come. We are Australia’s largest provider of walk-in baths. Our walk-in baths and bathtubs are used in private homes and institutions around Australia.


Our baths are straightforward to install and are usually used in existing shower recesses to act as a combined shower base and sit-in bath. Our wide range of walk-in bathtubs  provides the accessibility you need to bathe comfortably, safely and independently for decades to come.


Our Product Range Australia’s Number One Supplier of Walk-in Baths