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Walk-In Bathtubs Perth

Renowned Safety Bathtub Supplier Around Perth

Australia’s only capital city on the Indian Ocean oozes confidence and it is the largest city in Western Australia. Perth is known for its magical sunsets on Cottlesloe Beach, Swan River cruises and funky live music. Beyond its sunny beaches, spectacular green parks and glittering skyscrapers, Perth is always humming with shopping, nightlife and dining.

Windsor Baths sells, installs & services walk-in baths Australia wide. We are happy to extend our services of walk-in bathtubs to Perth, South Australia. We manufacture high quality walk-in baths, to help you bathe safely and in comfort if you are having difficulties using a normal bath.

How Are Walk-In Tubs Installed?

We install your bathtub after carefully removing your existing tub. Installation of walk-in bathtubs in Perth require basic plumbing skills. After the old tub is replaced with your new walk-in bathtub, the water to the tub is turned off and all tub fixtures and external plumbing are removed. The first water supply test that should be done is an inspection of your water supply and a test of the unit, ensuring that the installation is done correctly.

At Windsor Baths, our walk-in baths do not need framing, cladding and tiling like a normal bath, making installation simpler. We begin the installation of your bathtub after carefully removing your existing tub. Our process looks so simple we can walk you through how to install walk-in baths before we begin work in your home. We install your new Windsor walk-in bath with great care in your home, so as not to cause damage to your bathroom, cleaning up after ourselves after the job is done.

Windsor Baths Are Available Australia Wide.

We are proud to be the ONLY walk-in bath vendor in Australia that does not sell boxed goods supplied from China. Windsor Baths are regarded as one of the best walk-in bath suppliers in Perth that sells and installs non-Chinese spa systems and taps – ours are from Canada. As always, our products and work come with a full guarantee.

Call us for a free initial consultation on 1800 983 996 and get an idea about walk-in bath installation to your existing bathroom at an affordable price.

Contact Windsor Baths1800. 983. 996

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