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Walk-In Bathtubs Brisbane

Disability Walk-In Baths For Your Existing Bathroom in Brisbane

Brisbane, the capital of Queensland and Australia’s third most populous city, has a population of 2.3 million. Brisbane is named after the Brisbane River on which it is located. The river was named after the Scotsman Sir Thomas Brisbane, who was the Governor of New South Wales from 1821 to 1825. Visit Brisbane and you’ll find a modern, vibrant city with a sunny, sub-tropical climate and unsurpassed natural beauty.

The best thing about Brisbane are the friendly locals and it is home to serious cultural buffs. There’s Queensland Cultural Centre on South Bank, which hosts every manner of artistic endeavor imaginable. South Bank’s cultural institutions and restaurants meet riverside gardens and a lagoon.

How to Install Walk-In Baths

We recommend that you use the services of experienced professionals, such as WINDSOR WALK-IN BATHS, especially for installation and servicing of your new bath.

At Windsor Baths, our walk-in bathtubs in Brisbane do not need framing, cladding and tiling like a normal bath, making installation simpler. We begin the installation process of your bathtub after carefully removing your existing tub and recycle the old one. A basic bathtub installation, which includes removing the old tub and installing the new walk-in bathtub, usually takes 1 to 2 days of labour. If you order a walk in bathtub with one of the hydrotherapy options, you will need to invest more time because the heaters, pumps and motors need the consultation of an electrician.

WINDSOR walk-in baths come with comfortable head and seat cushions. We install a stainless steel support frame with heavy duty steel support legs, ensuring that even someone who is heavy will not flex the bath or jam the door shut while they are inside their bath.

Australian Standards Compliance

We are the number one mobility impaired and disability walk-in baths supplier in Brisbane and Australia & walk in bathtubs.

When you get cheap imports installed in your bathroom they most likely will not have Australian standards compliance. WINDSOR baths are fitted with all Australian sourced plumbing hardware.

When you buy, install or service Windsor walk-in baths in Brisbane, you get the security of knowing you have bought a world class product that complies with Australian Standards, receive professional installation and great after sales service too.

Windsor Baths Are Available Australia Wide!

Call us for a free initial consultation on 1800 983 996 and get an idea about how to install a walk-in bath to your existing bathroom at an affordable price.

Contact Windsor Baths1800. 983. 996

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