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Mobility Walk-In Baths Brisbane

Comfortable Mobility Walk-In Baths in Brisbane

WINDSOR Baths is happy to extend services as one of the best mobility baths suppliers in Brisbane. We give you value, safety, reliability and ease of operation.

Brisbane, the capital of Queensland and Australia’s third most populous city, has a population of over 2.3 million. Named after the Brisbane River on which it is located, the river in turn was named after Scotsman, Sir Thomas Brisbane, who governed New South Wales from 1821-25. Visit Brisbane and you’ll find a modern, vibrant city with a sunny, sub-tropical climate and unsurpassed natural beauty.

The best thing about Brisbane are the friendly locals and it is home to serious cultural buffs. There’s Queensland Cultural Centre on South Bank, which hosts every manner of artistic endeavor imaginable. South Bank’s cultural institutions and restaurants meet riverside gardens and a lagoon.

Australian Standards Compliance

We are the number one mobility impaired and disability walk-in baths supplier in Brisbane and Australia & walk in bathtubs.

When you get cheap imports installed in your bathroom they most likely will not have Australian Standards Compliance. WINDSOR baths are fitted with all Australian sourced plumbing hardware.

When you buy, install or service Windsor walk-in baths in Brisbane, you get the security of knowing you have bought a world class product that complies with Australian Standards, receive professional installation and great after sales service too.

Who Needs Mobility Baths?

Mobility baths are perfect for those who experience arthritic pain and limited mobility conditions, helping them to regain their bathing freedom and comfort. The ideal size of a walk-in bathtub depends on individual preference. Mobility baths are generally taller than standard tubs.

Why hire us?

We are mobility baths experts and professionals who really know how to install mobility baths in Australia.

At WINDSOR Baths, we aim to make your bathing simple, accessible and safe for the whole family with your new walk-in tub. We have various models, sizes and colours to choose from.

You can customize your new mobility bath and the best option for you – outward or inward opening door, left side or right side door – combine it with your shower. A small bathroom room need a door to swing such that the swing saves space. You can choose one of WINDOSOR Baths custom mobility baths, depending on the layout and size of your bathroom.

Your budget is also important to us. There are various prices that walk-in bathtubs come in. Doing a quality survey with us, you must choose the mobility bath most best for you.

Whether you are looking for a simple walk-in tub or a therapeutic one with bubble massage and water jets as in a whirlpool, WINDSOR Baths can provide you full satisfaction and guarantee.

Windsor Baths Are Available Australia Wide!

Call us for a free initial consultation on 1800 983 996 and get details on how to install mobility baths reliably, safely and affordably.

Contact Windsor Baths1800. 983. 996

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Imagine Bathing in Comfort and Safety while Leaving your Aches and Pains Behind