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Mobility Walk-In Baths Adelaide

Aged Care Mobility Walk-In Baths in Adelaide

Adelaide, the capital city of South Australia and stretches 90 from the northern extreme to Sellicks Beach in the south. Adelaideans like to soak up Adelaide’s colonial elegance, the spacious green parks, bustling markets and museums. Whether it’s swimming with dolphins or soaking in picturesque villages in the Adelaide Hills, or meandering through world-class wineries in Barossa Valley, Adelaideans always find something fun to do outdoors.

WINDSOR Baths is happy to extend our services of mobility baths to Adelaide. We sell, install & service walk-in baths all over Australia. We also manufacture high quality walk-in baths, which help you bathe safely and comfortably, especially if you have a disability or are face difficulties using a normal bath.

No room for a standard tub in your bathroom?

Do you want to convert your shower into a combined walk-in tub?

You should keep in mind that installing a mobility bathtub into an existing bathroom takes planning, especially if it is a small bathroom.

Steps in Mobility Bathtub Installation

Preparing the space:

If you decide to replace your old tub, then we carefully remove your old tub, then replace it with one of our mobility baths in Adelaide. Even if you already had a bathtub in place in the same location, then double checking the measurements and removing extra drywall and any nails in the studs are important.


Preparing the drain:

Replacing the waste when installing a bathtub is important, especially if your drain and overflow is very different in your new bathtub. Measuring the tub drain from the back wall and side wall of the tub correctly is helpful.


Dropping the tub into place:

A second person makes this much easier. The tub should be placed level on the back and side walls, with the drain and overflow lined up correctly. Also the bottom support should be checked to ensure a strong tub is installed. A mortar base may be required to be added sometimes.


Making adjustments:

Waste and overflow can sometimes need adjustment so that it lines up with the openings.


Adding support to the tub:

The mortar base can be added for greater support, if necessary. The back wall has a ledger that helps support the side of the bathtub.


Connecting the tub’s drain and overflow:

Once lined up, fastened and supported you can connect the bathtub’s drain. Using a Plumber’s putty the tub shoe is installed in the drain to prevent leaks.


Why Choose Windsor Baths?

  • WINDSOR Baths are available Australia wide. We’re Australia’s mobility baths experts!
  • We are proud to be the ONLY walk-in bath vendor in Australia that does not sell boxed goods supplied from China. Windsor Baths are regarded as one of the best mobility bath suppliers in Adelaide that sells and installs non-Chinese spa systems and taps – ours are from Canada.
  • As always, our products and work come with a full guarantee. Our mobility walk-in baths come in a variety of sizes and models to choose from. They all come with a 3 year, on-site, parts and labour warranty.

Windsor Baths Are Available Australia Wide!

Call us for a free initial consultation on 1800 983 996 and get details on how to install mobility baths reliably, safely and affordably.

Contact Windsor Baths1800. 983. 996

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