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Windsor Baths


Windsor baths are of the highest quality.

Walk-In Bathtub Installation Services



“I was concerned about the installation more than anything else. The thought of the noise, dust and disturbance was worrying. When the time came Peter and his helper arrived at 7am and were gone by 3 o clock. Because the new bath was going into my shower it was over so quickly, quietly and cleanly. I can highly recommend Peter and the bath is a dream”.

Margaret from the NSW North Coast

The most commonly asked question with installation is, DO I HAVE TO RENOVATE THE WHOLE BATHROOM?

The answer is NO.

Most of our baths go into existing showers, where they are used as a combination bath and shower base.

There is no need to do anything to the floor,  the drainage kit that comes with the bath includes a flexible HEPLEX pipe, that goes straight into your existing floor drain hole.

Your plumber taps into the hot and cold pipes in the wall behind where the new bath is going, and installs 2 stop-cocks [like the small taps where the water goes into your toilet]. He then runs 2 flexi-hoses from the stop cocks to the underside of the fast-fill taps that come with your bath.

If you take the hydrotherapy spa option, the only additional installation item is a water-proof power point that goes onto the wall behind the new bath. A normal 3 pin plug from the bath, goes into the water proof powerpoint – that’s it.

The installation is straight forward and can be done by any plumber.

If you prefer, we can organise installation on your behalf, let us know if this is your preference.

Our walk-in baths do not need framing, cladding and tiling like a normal bath, making installation simpler.

Windsor Baths come complete with fast-fill taps and a full drainage kit which will reduce your plumbing cost.

If you want help with working out the best installation location in your house, send us a plan or rough map of your bathroom, and our design team will help you find the best and safest location. We can contact your plumber to give him additional information to make the installation straight forward.

Most Windsor baths come with either a left or right hand door ; it is a RIGHT hand door model if the door is near the right knee of the user; if the door is near the left knee of the user sitting in the bath it is a LEFT hand door model.

The ‘Compact’ has a front door.

When constructing a new bathroom, or renovating an existing shower, you can make it easy to convert the bath area back into a shower if the bath is no longer desired in future.

[1] Tile and plumb the shower area as normal but include hot and cold outlets 30cm from the floor. These can be capped with chrome stops in the future. If the hydrotherapy spa versions is being used, also include a power cable outlet about 30cm from the floor, which can be covered with a chrome cap in future.

[2] Install the bath by connecting stop cocks and flexi-hoses to the hot and cold outlets, the flexi hoses run to the underside of the provided fast-fill taps. Run the provided Hepflex drain into the showers floor waste.

[3]  If the bath is required to be removed at a later date, the cubicle can be made into a normal shower by removing the bath and covering the power and the hot and cold outlets with chrome caps.By then adding a shower screen, you have returned the site into a standard shower with the exception of the 3 small chrome caps 30cm from the floor.


If you have any questions about installation, ask them in the box above, insert your email address and click the SUBMIT button

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3 year warranty – Assembled in Australia from local and imported products. ALL plumbing sourced in Australia ; ALL of the air-spa system is sourced in Canada.




CLICK HERE for installation instructions INDEPENDENT model.

CLICK HERE for installation instructions ACCESS model.

CLICK HERE for installation instructions COMPACT’ model.



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