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Windsor Baths

Sales Service

Windsor baths are of the highest quality.

After Sales Service


Best After Sales Service In Australia

Dorothy REDDICK from Bendigo called us recently because her Canadian hydro system wasn’t working correctly. We had a service person there promptly who replaced the faulty part.

Dorothys’ comments were “I was pleased with the courteous response and was surprised at the speedy outcome, other suppliers have left me with faulty products and no service, well done“.

A very important aspect to consider when buying a walk-in bath. This is one area that distinguishes one supplier from another. 3 year warranty on parts and on-site labour

The best after-sales service is to not need it. Our baths use Australian plumbing parts which have never had a failure. We use a Canadian Hydrotherapy system which very rarely fails, which we install in our own Australian workshop to meet our quality needs.


As much as we try to have a world-class, faultless product, we do have about 2 warranty calls annually from the hundreds of baths sold.

So what happens if you are one of the few?

Firstly, you call our 24 hour, 1800 number and let the person answering know your situation.

We then call you and organise a local service person to see you.

They look at the situation and usually fix it on the spot. If you live in a remote area and need a special part, it’s send by Overnight Express and it’s fixed ASAP.

Naturally it’s all at no cost to you.

Below are some comments from the unlucky few who have had warranty situations with us, plus a less happy person who bought
an all-Chinese import and sent this message to us by mistake. Because their bath had no brand label, no user guide and no installation guide, they thought it might be from us. We noticed their name was not on our customer list, called them, and found it was an all-Chinese no-name they had bought elsewhere.


Here’s the message we received from THEIR customer.




Not long ago I purchased a bath from you people (XX/XX XXXXXXXX Road, Bundaberg). I have just had the plumber leave AFTER replacing the hot water hose which was noticably rusted in several places. The metal frame is also rusting in places. He tells me the hoses are definately not Australian made and envisages numerious hose replacements in the future. When paying over $6,000 I fully expected quality workmanship. Pls advise.

We spoke again to this lady 6 weeks later and she said she would rate their after sales service at “Zero”



An SMS text message from a customer after our service person had been to fix her parents’ bath

“The bath repair looks good and very strong. Thanks for your good service”

Another comment from an elderly client –“ my baths spa stopped working, I phoned around 10am on a Monday morning, their electrician was around that afternoon to look at it, and he returned the next day with the part and it was all done in a little over 24 hours, surprising service in this day and age”


The Difference

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